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Named after the Hawaiian slang word for “delicious food”, the inspiration for Ono Grinds Poké came in late 2014 when co-founders Daniela and Luis booked a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. Being huge foodies, they quickly discovered the local favorite dish – poké. From the first bite, they became instantly hooked by the deep flavors of the fresh fish mixed with savory, spicy & sweet sauces and didn’t eat much else the rest of their stay. In addition to the amazing flavors, they loved the feeling they got after eating it. Rather than shutting down, they were fueled and ready to explore all of the adventures that the Big Island has to offer.

Inspired by the fresh flavors & stress-free island vibe, together they developed Ono Grinds Poké, promising to bring the fresh island flavors to the East Coast with a modern twist, creating a place where anyone could come enjoy a delicious meal, aloha spirit, & choose from a variety of great tasting customizable options that leave you feeling energized and ready for the adventures ahead.

Meet the Team

Luis Valls-Amabile

"Boxing Champion, Former Wall Streeter, Entrepreneur"

Daniela Hoyos

"Kitchen wiz, Free-Spirit, California Girl"

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